Harmless Symptoms – Or Are They?

Pain in Your Shoulders

When the body starts to communicate with you through the pain and subtle symptoms, make sure you pay attention to it and react.

Many people ignore chapped lips , sore shoulders , changes in the gums , pain in the foot and tingling in the thighs because they do not indicate anything serious. But is it really so?

These common symptoms may be really dangerous for your health. Do not ignore them !

Chapped lips

Although chapped lips indicate anemia, it can also be a potential infection symptom. Specifically, chapped lips can be a sign of fungal infection. This problem is solved by water. Instead of lips licking tongue ( it will only increase the presence of fungi ! ), start drinking more water. Lips will take some time to recover.

Pain in Your Shoulders

Pain in your shoulders or torso

This kind of pain can be caused by a heart condition or a very strong mustard. However, the cause may be something else – gallstones. This problem is more common in women. Try to act preventively and change your diet. Your meals should be rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables. Avoid anything containing fat. Try to eat red meat less often.

Foot pain

If you feel pain in the foot, usually between the third and fourth toe, that could easily be a sign of “Morton’s neuroma”. That condition is causing changes in a small vein passing under the ligament that connects the two bones of the foot. The pain is more common in women because of high heels. What can you do? Consult your MD and make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes with low heels and shoe inserts. However, if the situation is serious, the doctor will recommend further steps .

Numbness in the thigh

If you feel a mild tingling sensation in the thighs, take attention to your clothes and shoes. Specifically, this pain is usually the result of too tight jeans and other tight clothing. High heels also contribute to it. This happens due to nerve irritation.  To avoid this , choose comfortable clothes and avoid wearing high heels.

2 comments to Harmless Symptoms – Or Are They?

  • Angela  says:

    A low fat diet isn’t good. That’s out dated info. You should eat healthy fats, from grass feed beef, coconut oil, avocados, and others. Thanks for the other info!

    • Aida  says:

      Hello Angela, thanks for taking time to post a comment. When I said fat, I meant bad fats of course, bad fats increase cholesterol levels and risk of certain diseases, while good fats protect your heart and support overall health. However, thanks for making it clear to other readers =)

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